5,000,000 dong Vietnam Bearer's Checks ( Ngân Phiếu )

5 millions Dong Vietnam Bearer's Checks ( Ngân Phiếu )

P-114A(s) 5,000,000 Dong 1996 (30-04-1997) 
Watermark: Dragon 

Watermark: Dragon 

P-114A(s) 5,000,000 Dong 1999 (29-02-2000) 
Watermark: Phoenix 

Watermark: Phoenix

To support growing industrial need for large money transactions, the State Bank issued "Bearer's Checks" or "State Bank Settlement Checks" (Ngân Phiếu Thanh Toán) in denominations from 100,000 to 5,000,000 đồng. To prevent counterfeiting, these notes had many degrees of protection, their designs were changed every five to six months, and they had expiration dates five or six months after the date of issue. The checks worked until the banking system was upgraded to handle electronic transfers of large amounts of đồng, making most large cash transactions unnecessary

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