April 01, 2013

Vietnam Gold Coins

Vietnam Gold Coins

Vietnam not have too much gold coins, just a little was made. Below are few Vietnam's gold coins:

Another vietnam gold coins:

Gold coins lạng of Tự Đức, fourth emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty of Vietnam, 1840–1847

Gold coins lạng of Thiệu Trị, third emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty of Vietnam, 1840–1847

COINS. Vietnam. Thieu Tri, Gold 1-Piastre or Phi Long, obv four Chinese characters around radiant sun, rev dragon, 27.31g (Sch 283). 

Vietnam, Gold Coin, Emperor, Nguyen Bao Dai (1926-1945)

A large 32mm gold 10.4gr gold coin or charm of Vietnmaese Emperor Nguyen Bao Dai (1926-1945). The coin is most likely a charm produced privatly Nguyen Bao Daii was the thirteenth emperor of the Nguyen dynasty and the last emperor of Vietnam. He ruled until the end of World War II when sweeping changes in the world brought the Vietnam dynastic system to an end. The Chinese dynastic system had already collapsed after World War I and the communist revolution.

Below gold coins belong to Vietnam commemorative coins. since it was "coins" and the metal is gold so i also put into this collections :)

2000 Millenium set: Year of Dragon

KM#54 2000 5,000 Dong
.9999 gold, 1/15 Oz
Singapore Mint
mintage: 28000 pieces

KM#55 2000 20,000 Dong
.9999 gold, 1/4 Oz
Singapore Mint
mintage: 1000 pieces

KM#56 2000 50,000 Dong
.9999 gold, 1/2 Oz
Singapore Mint
mintage: 3000 pieces


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