December 12, 2012

Vietnam BankNotes and Change

Vietnam Bank Notes and Change

There are two types of bank notes in Vietnam, both cotton and polymer, with various values and designs currently in c. The lowest value of bank note in Vietnam at present is VND 500 (around 2.5 cents), and the highest value is VND 500,000 (around US$25). Bank note in Vietnam has two sides which often carries national symbols. The front side of all bank notes contains the image of President Ho Chi Minh - to forever the next generations of this national hero - in addition to the title "The Socialist Republic of Vietnam", the series number and the par value of the bank note in both number and text. The back side of the cash is the par value of the bank note against the background of a Vietnam symbol or typical image.

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VND 500 (cotton): This is considered the lowest value bank note of Vietnam. The note is painted pink with the image of Haiphong Port, an important trading post in the North of Vietnam that connects Vietnam with other nations in the region and in the world. At present, trading via waterways makes a significant contribution to the overall economic development of Vietnam.


Vietnam VND 500 Bank Note - worth 2.5 US cents (2011)

VND 1,000 (cotton): The background color of this cash is the combination of light gray, light green and light violet. On the back side of it is the picture of timbering in Tay Nguyen, Vietnam. Forestry remains an important sector, especially in rural and mountain areas of Vietnam.

Vietnam VND 1,000 Bank Note - worth 5 US cents (2011)

VND 2,000 (cotton): It is hard to indentify which is the main color of this note, but it could be silver gray. The back side of the cash captures the busy atmostphere inside the Nam Dinh Textile Factory. Vietnam leans on industrialization for most of its economic development.

Vietnam VND 2,000 Bank Note - worth 10 US cents (2011)

VND 5,000 (cotton): This bank note is painted with the blue color on the background, and printed with the image of Tri An Hydro Plants on the back side. Most of Vietnam's electricity still has its source from hydro plants and Tri An is one of the largest ones in the country.

Vietnam VND 5,000 Bank Note - worth 25 US cents (2011)

VND 10,000 (polymer): The color of this note is quite strange with the dark brown with green – yellow background. The picture on the back side shows oil production on the seashore of Vietnam. Though Vietnam has focused much on developing industry and service sectors, minerals still represent a considerable proportions of the GDP.

VND 20,000 (polymer):  The background color of this bank note is purely dark blue with the picture of Bridge Pagoda in Hoi An, which symbolizes the fusion and conversion of diverse cultures into this place. Hoi An is also a popular tourist attraction of Vietnam. The size of 10,000 bank note is slightly smaller than that of 20,000 bank note.

Vietnam VND 10,000 and 20,000 Bank Note - worth 50 US cents and $1 respectively (2011)

Here is a list of Vietnam coins. You can look at the coins's face value 

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